Over two years ago Google announced the new AdWords interface was coming and by a year later, Google pushed it to all for them to switch over to. Google announced that by the end of 2018 the old AdWords interface will no longer be available.
Google wrote “the new AdWords will become the exclusive way to manage your accounts by the end of the year, and access to the previous experience will no longer be available.” Google added that “all the features you rely on to run your business are available in the new experience.”
But that isn’t 100% true, you can see the small disclaimer at the footer of the blog post that reads “* Some features and reports won’t be available in the new AdWords experience. You’ll receive notifications and helpful resources a few weeks before any features and reports are moved.” Google links you to this help doc that describes which features are not available.
Google also promised they won’t switch accounts “during the busy holiday months of November and December.” But they do want you to switch on your own before they force you to switch over. You can read their blog post over here if you are nervous.
Google will send out email notifications before they switch those folks over.
Here is some of the industry feedback on this news:

— Kristopher Gerner (@Photogkris) May 8, 2018

Ahhhhhh…..new version is shit
— Ruban (@iRubankt) May 8, 2018

But beta is not fully completed right?
— Rajkumar (@RajkumarNellai) May 8, 2018

I’m not happy with that either. I still use the old interface.
— Alex H (@__alex_h_) May 8, 2018
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