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Google Search Spam: Over 6 Million Manual Actions Last Year

Jun 11, 2018 | Local SEO

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Late on Friday, which is common for Google on spam topics, posted on the Google blog about how they fight against spam in their search results. Not much in that blog post is new to you and I but here are some interesting metrics:
Google sent over 6 million manual action messages to webmasters about practices were against their guidelines
Google was able to detect and remove more than 80 percent of compromised (hacked) sites from search results
Google produced 250+ webmaster meetups and office hours around the world reaching more than 220,000 website owners
Google sent over 45 million notifications to registered website owners alerting them to possible problems with their websites which could affect their appearance in search
Google took action on about 90,000 user reports of search spam
Last year, Google sent 9 million manual actions, this year it was closer to 6 million and the year before that was 4.3 million messages. Interesting trend, unless Google classifies the messages they are sending out differently now?
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