Site owners can now track the performance of their event listings in Google Search Console reports.
This has been made possible with new filters found under ‘Search appearance.’
Users can now filter data in this report by event listings and event details.

Applying these filters will allow site owners to see how often events posted on their website appear in search results.
In order for Search Console to track that data, site owners have to use event structured data markup on pages where their events are posted.
A Google help document explains the difference between ‘event listings’ and ‘event details’:

“Some rich result types have two search result views: a list view and a details view. The initial search result is a list containing the top results, with minimal information about each. The user can either expand the list to show more list items, or click a specific result in the list to open a details view with more information about the selected item.”

This is how data is recorded in Search Console for event listings:
Impression: An impression is counted when a list item is visible in the short list view, and also when the list view is expanded.
Click: Clicking an item in list view counts as a click.
Position: When a list item is viewed in the short list view, all visible items are assigned a single position. When the list is expanded and scrollable, each item is assigned a position according to where it appears in the list.
This is how data is recorded in Search Console for event details:
Impression: An impression is counted when a user lands on the details view, whether they clicked on it or followed a direct link.
Click: A click is counted when a user makes a selection in the details view.
Position: For a details view, the position is always 1.
Event listings currently only appear in search results in English for US, UK, and India.

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