Just like last weekends Google update chatter, we are seeing similar levels of chatter and signs around a Google algorithm update in search. Specifically, I am seeing some lower level chatter of small groups of SEOs and webmasters complaining about their rankings in Google dropping significantly and at the same time I am seeing the tools that track these updates show higher than normal shifts in the algorithm.
Here are some of the chatter from both WebmasterWorld and Black Hat World:

Once again yesterday, page views were down but AdSense was up. Maybe if I lose my traffic completely, I’ll be rich!

Massive drop last 2 days.
I should be concerned, except that this has been the pattern for every single update over the past 6 years. Drop, drop, drop. My content gets better, my users get happier, and google penalizes us more, year after year.

traffic and rankings still decreasing. I don’t think this is a manual penalty as I do not have any messages in search console

@rustybrick Any Google Update? I can see major fluctuation..
— Anil (@lalitanil) June 16, 2018
Here are the tools:

Advanced Web Rankings:



SERP Metrics:



Cognitive SEO:

Did you notice ranking and traffic changes from Google over the weekend?
Forum discussion at WebmasterWorld and Black Hat World.

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