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Google Search Algorithm Update Currently Mild

Jul 11, 2018 | Local SEO

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Since the roll out of the Google Speed Update – the SEO community has been on high alert to see what type of impact it has on the overall mobile search results. The deal is, I’ve been tracking it for the past couple of days since it began rolling out and the chatter is mixed. I’d classify the chatter as mild and the tools themselves show a mix.
Here is some of the chatter from the ongoing WebmasterWorld thread:

Anyone seeing any ranking changes now that this speed update has rolled out?

I don’t see any changes, and the SERP tools really are not reporting much either. Since the speed update only impacts very slow sites, I don’t expect we will hear much about this update’s impact.

We’ve seen alot of movement in our sector. I think this will particular hit e-commerce verticals a lot more, given that some of them can be heavy with functionality, causing them to slow down. As ever, some do it a lot better than others, which is causing some shake up.

Android Police, one of the largest tech site is also experiencing a massive traffic drop. Nobody’s safe sad
I hope they will bounce back soon.

Im definitely seeing a pickup again since late yesterday and throughout today. Im doing a bit better in the SERPS and traffic is coming in a bit more steadily than it has for weeks (prob because of better SERP placement) and a few conversions.Wish I knew why for sure but if it keeps going along that trend line it will at least delay my nervous breakdown a bit longer!

The tools are mixed, many of them aggregate or segment out mobile changes – Mozcast does not count mobile search results:
Cognitive SEO:
We will keep an eye on things but let us know what you found in the comments below.
Forum discussion at WebmasterWorld.

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