Google has released its annual list of top searches around the world, including overall searches and searches in various categories.
Top queries reflect everyday questions, as well as the people and events that made headlines in 2018.
Certain events led to people searching for how to improve their everyday lives, Google notes.
For example, the passing of iconic celebrities resulted in an influx of searches for “how to be a good role model.”
Similarly, when first responders rescued a team of soccer players from a cave in Thailand, searches for “scuba diving lessons near me” increased by 110%.
Here’s are some highlights of top worldwide searches, and the top US searches in 2018.
Top Overall Searches – Global
World Cup
Mac Miller
Stan Lee
Black Panther
Top Overall Searches – US
World Cup
Hurricane Florence
Mac Miller
Kate Spade
Anthony Bourdain
Top ‘How To’ Searches – US
How to vote
How to register to vote
How to play Mega Millions
How to buy Ripple
How to turn off automatic updates
How to get the old Snapchat back
How to play Powerball
How to buy Bitcoin
How to screen record
How to get Boogie Down emote
Top ‘What is’ Searches – US
What is Bitcoin
What is racketeering
What is DACA
What is a government shutdown
What is Good Friday
What is Prince Harry’s last name
What is Fortnite
What is a duck boat
What is a Yanny Laurel
What is a nationalist
Top GIF Searches – US
Fortnite GIF
Default Dance GIF
Dilly Dilly GIF
Orange Justice GIF
Black Panther GIF
Cat Curling GIF
Ugandan Knuckles GIF
Draymond Green GIF
Cardi B GIF
Floss Dance GIF
Top News Searches – Global
World Cup
Hurricane Florence
Mega Millions Result
Royal Wedding
Election Results
Top News Searches – US
World Cup
Hurricane Florence
Mega Millions
Election Results
Hurricane Michael
Top People Searches – Global
Meghan Markle
Demi Lovato
Sylvester Stallone
Logan Paul
Khloé Kardashian
Top People Searches – US
Demi Lovato
Meghan Markle
Brett Kavanaugh
Logan Paul
Khloé Kardashian
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