Google has launched a top-to-bottom rebuild of the Test My Site tool which allows site owners to accomplish more in one place.
With the new Test My Site tool, site owners can measure, benchmark, and take action on the results from a single destination.
Google’s updates to Test My Site allow site owners to do the following:
Measure the speed of both their entire site and of individual pages.
Determine whether their site/page speed is faster or slower compared to the prior month.
Find out if their site speed/page speed ranks Fast, Average, or Slow.
Discover how their site speed compares to others in the industrySee the potential impact of site speed on revenue.
Get a detailed list of recommended fixes to increase speed on up to 5 pages on their site.
Compile a complete report to share with their team.

Google emphasizes the importance of mobile speed while citing SOASTA’s The State of Online Retail Performance:

“A one-second delay in mobile load times can impact conversion rate by up to 20%. That’s why in 2016 we created Test My Site, a tool for businesses to check the speed of individual mobile pages and get a few recommended fixes.”

Google also reminds site owners that the mobile web continues to be the mobile widely used platform:

“It’s an age of digital plenty, and one that can make it easy to forget a plain truth: the mobile web is still the most widely used platform.”

Mobile is where most people turn to whether they want to find information, connect with others, or buy products.
Site owners can use the new Test My Site tool to deliver the fast and engaging experience users expect in 2019.

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