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Google Publisher Knowledge Graph Cards: Writes About, Awards & More

Jul 9, 2018 | Local SEO

Show up In All The Cities You Service.

Last November Google launched what are called Google News Publisher Knowledge Graph Cards but for some reason, over the past week, I have been getting notifications from the SEO industry that this is new. Nope, it is not new, it might be showing up more in other regions, but the Google News Publisher Knowledge Graph cards was launched back in November.
I am covering it again because people keep asking me about it. You can trigger it for queries around publications that are well known such as [cbs news], [wall street journal], [cnn], [fox news] and others.
Here is a screen shot:

Here is the help document on how it works from Google:

When you search for a news publisher, information to help you understand their credibility and the quality of their content will show up in the Knowledge Panel.
Note: The appearance of a Knowledge Panel for a publisher does not affect ranking of pages from that publisher in Google Search results. Publishers cannot opt-out from having a Knowledge Panel.

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