As you know, Google renamed the Google Top Contributors to Google Product Experts and this year they held their Product Experts Summit on November 1st. Here are some photos from the day including the one above from the Google Webmasters Twitter account.
Again, Google Product Experts are volunteers who spend their time answering questions about Google services in the Google forums.

Webmaster PEs v Googlers #GPES2018 tell me more about the squirrel update. pic.twitter.com/VmYb9WBsGL
— Tony McCreath (@TonyMcCreath) November 3, 2018

Today we’re wrapping up the Product Experts Summit. Huge thanks to the Google My Business Product Experts who took the time to share their ideas and feedback. Until next time! #GPES2018 #GoogleMyBusiness pic.twitter.com/Y1fqgZ43eO
— Google My Business (@GoogleMyBiz) November 2, 2018

Home after 3 Amazing Days at #GPES2018 I’d like to thank the @GooglePEProgram for providing Product Experts with this global learning & networking event…it certainly was an Inspirational Time…TY for the added surprise @Google @GoogleForEdu #digitalcitizenship pic.twitter.com/vx4hBw0ii6
— Ms. Drasby (@MsDrasby) November 4, 2018

Kicking off day 1 of Google’s Product Experts Summit 2018! Excited for a full day of speakers, product breakout sessions, and PE hangouts! #GPES2018 pic.twitter.com/fJhJF3YNxy
— Google’s Product Experts Program (@GooglePEProgram) November 1, 2018

Wow! I was just given an award for ‘Calling It Like It Is’ at the Google Product Expert Summit! #GPES2018 pic.twitter.com/O2qeUsO3H7
— Bournemouth360Photos (@Dorset360Photos) November 2, 2018

Search and Assistant crew for the win! #GPES2018 pic.twitter.com/IqZSpdKXCm
— Andy Bravo (@andyb_bravo) November 1, 2018

Every single Product Expert! #GPES2018 #google #groupie #teampixel pic.twitter.com/uSwoqma9uC
— Kathleen Garrity (@kgarrity) November 2, 2018

While I distracted @JohnMu, the others stole the algorithm #gpes2018 pic.twitter.com/8h71wTqr78
— Tony McCreath (@TonyMcCreath) November 1, 2018
You can see more photos on Twitter.
This post is part of our daily Search Photo of the Day column, where we find fun and interesting photos related to the search industry and share them with our readers.

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