So you all know Google Posts, but do you remember AMP Stories – the two may have been merged or I might be confused. In any event, Google has one upped the Google Posts for a search for the [stanley cup]. When you click on the Google Posts, it gets way interactive and animated – more so than the normal Google Posts for those special partners.
Here is a vide of it in action from Mordy Oberstein:

Have you ever seen anything like this? It’s almost a like “Google Posts Story” of sorts. Clicking takes you to an article/video on the entity’s site. Looks really well done. @rustybrick pic.twitter.com/RgN3TQ6wea
— Mordy Oberstein (@MordyOberstein) June 5, 2018
These special Google Posts partners always had richer Google Posts play than you and I but this seems to be richer than ever before. I might be wrong, I know we’ve seen video answers but this is more than that as well. It does look more like AMP Stories and a mix of other features.
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