Google appears to be allowing some with access to use Google Posts to add hyperlinks, either URLs or anchor text links. Brodie Clark spotted this and posted an example on Twitter. I was able to replicate it as well for the query [premier league].
This works on both mobile and desktop and shows in the Google Posts section of the search results. Here is a screen shot:

Brodie said this is specifically for “verified authors” in Google Posts.
I did not test this myself, as I am traveling now. But Matt McGee said he tried it but was only able to get it to show a link if it was a URL. Here is what he shared on Twitter:

@brodieseo I can’t get it work with a href code, but it will link if I just put the full URL. pic.twitter.com/SWonYX9xUF
— Matt McGee (@mattmcgee) January 20, 2019

Just in follow up to this before I start spreading rumours – looks like this feature is just for when you’re a verified author of a KP. @mattmcgee did a test on Google Posts through GMB and doesn’t look like it’s possible in there. More deets here: https://t.co/KwWXEpBRTf https://t.co/k90IMVG5wC
— Brodie Clark (@brodieseo) January 21, 2019
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