Google seems to have just rolled out a redesign for their Google PageSpeed Insights tool. The new design shows a lot more graphical reporting, the speed score uses lab data analyzed by Lighthouse and Google is showing a lot more detail.
In addition, scores that I had at over 90, some are down to 50 or so. So things have changed with this report.
The release notes say “v5 of the PageSpeed Insights API was released in November 2018. It now uses Lighthouse as its analysis engine and also incorporates field data provided by the Chrome User Experience Report (CrUX). v5 of the API will now provide CrUX data and all of the Lighthouse audits. Previous versions of the PSI API will be deprecated in six months.”
Here is a screen shot of the report now:

Here is what it looked like in in June:

So there are a lot of changes here with the PageSpeed Insights report – I do not yet see an announcement from Google on this.
The API also supports most of these new metrics.
Hat tip to Chris Johnson for informing of this change on Twitter.
Forum discussion at Twitter.

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