A week ago we reported that the in-depth articles in the Google search results mysteriously went away. I asked Google about it and they told me they really didn’t – Google’s statement was “When relevant, we do and will continue to surface high-quality evergreen content as part of the overall search results.”
Google did make a code change to how they display them in the source code of the search results page but not much else.
But I am not sure – they did seem to change based on what we see.
Moz is still showing them at 0%, my other contacts rechecked all their data, both by machine and with humans looking at the raw examples, and they are completely gone – no in-depth articles are showing according to them.
Even Glenn Gabe posted they changed:

Here are some examples of sites that dropped heavily on 3/6/19. That’s when in-depth articles dropped. These sites ranked very well for very broad terms, typically for entities (companies, people, etc.) Here are 2 examples. There are many more… pic.twitter.com/EBJ8USKibd
— Glenn Gabe (@glenngabe) March 13, 2019
Here are some older tweets:

So, after all the weekend craziness, we’re seeing 0% In-depth Articles this morning. No sign of 3-packs that inflate page-1 counts to 12 (as we’ve seen for 1+ years now). Either this is a test, too, or they’re fully blending those now.
— Dr. Pete Meyers (@dr_pete) March 6, 2019

From our research team in just our Fortune 500 dataset over the past few days. Screen shots of specific companies coming next. pic.twitter.com/LksQPgLnr8
— Ari Roth (@aroth26) March 7, 2019
So I am a bit confused – did they go away?
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