Google announced a new knowledge graph card named news publishers knowledge graph. At least that is what Danny Sullivan at Google called them on Twitter.
Danny said they are “new Knowledge Graph panels” and the blog post shares that they give searchers more information on what a specific news publisher or publication is about. Google wrote “publisher Knowledge Panels on Google will now show the topics the publisher commonly covers, major awards the publisher has won, and claims the publisher has made that have been reviewed by third parties.”
Here is a screen shot:

Google has a more detailed help document explaining that there is really no way to control when or what comes up here, that this is purely algorithmic. Google wrote “Like search results, many factors go into what’s shown in the Knowledge Panel. Publishers that consistently create fresh, news-related online content can improve their chances of having a Knowledge Panel.”
In addition, Google aded having this knowledge panels “do not impact a publisher’s ranking in search.” In addition, publishers cannot opt out of showing this knowledge panel. It can show the following data:
Writes about: Topics that are frequently covered by the publisher.
Awards: Notable awards that the publisher has received.
Reviewed claims: This shows up when a significant amount of a publisher’s recent content has been reviewed by an authoritative fact-checker.

Got to watch tail end of the new Knowledge Graph panels on Google get finished up. Now live and very useful, glad they’re out there. You can easily discover topics publishers have written on, awards they’ve won and fact checks against stories. More here: https://t.co/ZytAsDbGzM pic.twitter.com/hnETKH6NbZ
— Danny Sullivan (@dannysullivan) November 8, 2017
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