I am not sure what this is about but one local SEO is being asked to verify their business by clicking verify now or reconfirm location. I am not sure what the difference is and neither are any of the local SEOs in the Local Search Forums.
Here is a screen shot:

The local SEO said “One of my clients has unverified GMB listings (he tried to verify them before, unsuccessfully). When I enter some locations, I get to choose between “Verify Now” and “Reconfirm Location”.”
Colan Nielsen from the forums said “sounds like it could be related to some edits that may have triggered some spam signals with Google.”
Still, this is not 100% clear – but it is a verification method I have not seen before. Have you?
Jason Brown said he has seen this before:

Yes, it typically shows up when somebody else owns the listing and you are creating a duplicate. Saw them last February.
— Jason Brown (@keyserholiday) January 9, 2019
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