Google My Business has introduced a new attribute that establishments can add to listings, allowing them to indicate whether they’re “good for watching sports.”

Are you a business that’s a great place to watch sporting events at? If yes, now you can let your customers know by adding the ‘Good for watching sports’ attribute directly to your Google My Business listing! Learn more in our community post: https://t.co/sFB0Y57LpS
— Google My Business (@GoogleMyBiz) June 14, 2018

The timing is just right for Google to introduce this attribute. With the World Cup underway there will certainly be many sports fans looking for a place to watch the games with friends.
In fact, during the month of the World Cup, any business that adds this attribute will have it displayed in the highlights section on the overview tab of their Google My Business listing.
When the World Cup is over, the “good for watching sports” attribute will display in the “About this business” section. It may also appear in the overview tab of the listing.
Google says the only requirements for an establishment to be considered “good for watching sports” are that it offers a TV that airs sports.
Whether that’s a family restaurant or a sports bar, it’s all “good” as long as customers are able to watch the game.
Google My Business offers a limited number of attributes that are directly editable by the business itself. These are typically objective attributes, such as whether the place has Wi-Fi, is wheelchair accessible, offers outdoor seating, and so on.
More subjective attributes may also appear in Google My Business listings depending on what customers say in reviews. For example — “popular with locals” is an attribute that may appear in GMB listings, although businesses are not able to add it themselves.

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