As expected, yesterday, Google officially moved several of the old Google Search Console reports to the new interface. The specific reports moved include AMP, Index Status, Links, Manual Actions, Mobile Usability, Rich Cards, and Search Analytics. Everything else is remaining where it is thus far.
The old reports have a notice it was removed, asking you to use the new report and “This report is no longer available here. Learn more.” There is a screen shot above of what this looks like.
Google explained in their help page:
Old Search Console report
New Search Console report
– Search Analytics


New report has 16 months’ of data and is much easier to use.
– Rich Cards
Individual Enhancement reports
New reports provide detailed debugging information, and a one-click request to recrawl fixed issues.
– Links to your Site- Internal links
New report combines both Links to your Site and Internal Links report, with more reliable link count numbers.
– Index status
Index Coverage Status
New report provides all the information of the old report, plus detailed crawl status information from the Google Index.
– Sitemaps report
new Sitemaps
Similar information, but better-designed report. The old report supports testing a sitemap without submitting it; the new report tests only upon submission.
– Accelerated Mobile Pages
AMP Status
Many more error types reported in the new report, plus a fix flow to request reindexing of fixed pages.
– Manual Actions
new Manual Actions
The new report shows your manual action history, including review requests and results.
– Fetch as Google
URL Inspection tool
The URL Inspection tool shows information about the indexed and live versions of a URL, with the ability to request a crawl. New information includes the URL of the canonical page, any noindex/nocrawl blocks, and whether or not the URL is in the Google index.
– Mobile Usability
Mobile Usability
Similar information, but in a more usable format. Also provides a fix flow to request reindexing of pages with fixed mobile usability issues.
No equivalent
URL Inspection
Provides detailed information about your pages in the Google index, including the status in the index (present or absent), last crawled time, the canonical URL, noindex/robots.txt blockages, and more. The tool also enables testing a live page to see whether it is eligible for crawling.
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