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Google Local Panels Can Show Return Policies

Jun 18, 2018 | Local SEO

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You may now see in the Google local panels a store’s return policy. You can likely trigger them for large stores like Walmart or others. Sergey Alakov first spotted it and posted it on Twitter.
Here is a screen shot from one of my searches:

Some of these policies come from the web site of the retailer and some are entered in manually, probably through Google My Business. Some think maybe Google is scraping the content from the web site of the retailer but that doesn’t seem to be the case says Sergey.

It’s not. Not always the same copy.It’s either Google’s own copy (what they do for some businesses descriptions, or it’s a test where these large retailers can add their own return policy. pic.twitter.com/pDxLM0HPoK
— Sergey Alakov (@sergey_alakov) June 18, 2018
Forum discussion at Twitter.

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