Sergey Alakov spotted something, I honestly thought I’ve seen before but I can’t find that I covered it, that when you make an edit as a normal user to a local panel on Google, Google is asking if you are a customer or employee of that business that you are editing. I cannot replicate this, I tried, and it didn’t ask me if I was an employee or customer, but here is a screen shot of the screen from Sergey.
Google here is asking “are you an employee or customer of this business?” Then you have these options, I am the business owner or manager, I am an employee, I am a customer, other or skip. Here is that screen shot:

Sergey said he tried both methods and when he made an edit as a customer, the change was applied immediately but when he made it as an employee it was set to “being reviewed.”

Just made 2 edits – one as a “Customer”, the other as “Other”.The first was immediately applied, the second is “being reviewed”.Does not mean there a causation there, but the correlation is interesting. pic.twitter.com/12dRcTny4W
— Sergey Alakov (@sergey_alakov) June 5, 2018
Again, this looks familiar but I have not covered it before.
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