Google is showing a promotion box when you search for many types of job related queries in search that promotes jobs for veterans. The box that comes up reads “New! Job search for military veterans. Now you can search for jobs by entering a military occupation code.”
Here is what it looks like:

Eric Hedekar, from Moz, formerly from getSTAT, said he is seeing a huge surge in the number of times this box has come up in the Google search results over the past couple of days. He said on Twitter “We’re seeing that advert box show up on ~120K (and growing) SERPs with unrelated non-veteran job searches. Roughly 50K new SERPs per day since Friday.”
Here is what it looks like when you click on the feature:

Now, I don’t think the veteran job search feature is new, but Google promoting it may be.
Forum discussion at Twitter.
Update: This is because they ran an ad about this during the Super Bowl says Sergey Alakov, here is the ad:
[embedded content]

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