Over the past few days or so, Google has been having issues showing AMP pages in the search results. I’ve been hearing reports on social media around publishers seeing their content show up in Google search labeled as AMP and then that content goes missing. Also, Google has been sending out AMP errors to many folks via Search Console.
John Mueller from Google said this morning on Twitter “Thanks — the team here is looking into this.”
In may cases, the publisher would post a story, the AMP URL will show in Google search for Top Stories and then a few minutes later the AMP link turns into a normal link in Google search. Then a couple hours everything will go back to normal. To me, it seems like a weird delay in indexing but for AMP and News, that should not be the case.
Here are some of the issues:

We are experiencing this too – several other publishers had the same issue – larger sites such as Engadget, TheVerge has their amp dropped off from the search queries results @rustybrick per our email exchanges – It seems to be pretty widespread now
— Ewdison Then (@ewdi) January 28, 2019

Seeing the same AMP crawl anomaly notifications where there is no issue – wouldn’t mind if it didn’t take so long to mark as fixed. Major pita when managing multiple sites https://t.co/HDlX3jpAQo
— Peter Mindenhall (@PeterMindenhall) January 27, 2019
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