Google is rolling out three new features for responsive display ads that are designed to improve functionality and reporting capabilities.
Video Assets
Video assets can now be incorporated into responsive display ads. This enhanced functionality also comes an expanded reach to new inventory.

With video assets, advertisers can select up to 5 videos from their YouTube channel to display in a responsive display ad.
Responsive display ads with video assets retain the same capability to scale ad creation, testing, and optimization.
Combinations Report
A new combinations report provides insights into the performance of different creative asset combinations.

This new report shows the top performing asset combinations that are being generated in your responsive display ads.
There are separate sections dedicated to combinations based on images, text, dynamic feeds, and videos.
To access the combinations report in Google Ads, click “View Ad Details” in the Ads Table, then select the “Combinations” tab
Ad Strength Scorecard
The new ad strength scorecard will measure how well your responsive display ads are set up before they go live.

Google Ads will check for the optimal number of unique headlines, images, and descriptions.
Further recommendations are providing by clicking through the “Next steps” highlighted in the scorecard.

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