Google has these in-depth articles for their snippets, they launched it in 2013 but now they are gone. According to Moz data they no longer show up. Also FiveBlocks who tracks data on this said they are all gone as well.
Here is a chart showing the in-depth articles going missing over the past two days in Google’s search results:

Here is the data from FiveBlocks:

From our research team in just our Fortune 500 dataset over the past few days. Screen shots of specific companies coming next. pic.twitter.com/LksQPgLnr8
— Ari Roth (@aroth26) March 7, 2019
Here are before and after images of the search results:

Amazon Tuesday w/ IDAs vs today without pic.twitter.com/CipHnHhXrt
— Ari Roth (@aroth26) March 7, 2019

Bank of America Tuesday vs today pic.twitter.com/lXXxnM0KHy
— Ari Roth (@aroth26) March 7, 2019
They disappeared once before in 2016 and then came back shortly after.
I am not sure if this is a bug or a change with Google.
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