Google announced yesterday on Twitter that they updated their Google Images best practices guide. I did a compare of the old and new pages, and for the most part, it seems like there is no new specific advice. They cleaned up some of the text and page but I think the advice did not change – unless I am missing something?
Google said “check it out for additional information on sitemaps, supported formats, and responsive images.” The responsive images part seems the most updated but again, nothing substantially different than before.
Google did add some information about lazy-loading images in the lazy loading SEO doc they launched a month ago. But they pretty much linked to a document from back in July of this year on Lazy Loading Images and Video.

… and if you’re wondering about …. 💤 …. lazy-loaded images, we added some information about how to handle lazy-loading in general to our developer documentation at https://t.co/INWBEZm2GR
— Google Webmasters (@googlewmc) December 5, 2018
Google did recently update their image search guidelines as we covered back in May.
Anyway – I don’t see much new – tell me what I am missing?
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