For the past several days some searchers have been reporting issues with being able to go to Google.com and search the web. It happened to some searchers who were signed into Google. I was not able to replicate it but Andy B. from Google confirmed the issue and said it is now resolved.
The complaints started on November 29th in the Google Web Search Help Forums and then after four days, on December 3rd, a Googler responded saying:

As an update, this issue should now be fixed. Thanks again for raising this to us, and for your patience while we worked to resolve it!

It is unclear how many this impacted but I suspect it was not a huge number. This is what people saw when they tried to search for anything:

Again, it is unclear who was exactly impacted because I didn’t have a problem searching when signed in. It is unclear also how many were impacted.
Forum discussion at Google Web Search Help Forums.

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