Did you know that if a Google employee, Googler, clicks on your AdWords or any Google ads, while in the Google network, Google doesn’t count those clicks? So if Googlers are clicking on ads, be it your SEO AdWords ad or anything else, that click is not registered and does not cost the advertiser a dime?
So technically, maybe someone can test to show Googlers ads based on a very finite location and keywords that only Googlers would type in and see if it costs the advertiser any or much money. So if you are looking to poach Google engineers, think of something they might use Google to search for while at work, target it to the Google office region and see what happens.
Gary Illyes from Google said that on stage at SMX East, that Google employee clicks don’t count. He said he likes to click on the AdWords ads, he finds them very relevant, but he added not to worry since his clicks do not count.

Gary Ilyes says he always clicks on paid ads in SERPs, but don’t worry advertisers, those clicks don’t cost you anything. #SMX pic.twitter.com/8VCzo1nlCe
— Ryan Clutter (@RyanClutt) October 26, 2017
It makes sense, the ad network I built, we make sure to discount clicks that come from my office IP range. How else do you test your ad network in a fair way?
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