Google may be working on bringing data from the Google Discover feed to the Google Search Console Performance reports. Last week, Olivier Perbet and JR Oakes found that Google leaked by accident that they may be showing this data soon. The screen shot below was triggered when you tried to access /search-console/performance/discover.
Here is that screen shot (click to enlarge):

It was posted by Olivier in Glenn Gabe’s comments as well. So it is way out there.
It says “Performance on Google Discover: Explore your property’s performance on Google Discover. Monitor clicks, impressions, CTR and top pages.”
No one was able to actually see any data but the tease was out there.
Google renamed the Google Feed to Google Discover last October and then on Google’s home page for mobile by default put the Google Discover. Google Discover thus can generate a ton of traffic in a quick short burst of time for publishers.

Discover is used by over 800M people, so receiving some type of reporting for this in GSC would be HUGE. Again, there’s no data yet, but looks like it could arrive. Note, Google has tested features before that never roll out, so hard to say if this will. I hope it does. See below pic.twitter.com/VRwQHeOGHA
— Glenn Gabe (@glenngabe) February 16, 2019
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