Google may be updating the cache version of the sites that have been moved over the mobile-first indexing to show the mobile version of the web site. As you know, Google fixed the long standing cache bug for sites that are now on mobile-first indexing.
Glenn Gabe spotted Overstock’s web site showing the mobile version in the cache now and posted a screen shot on Twitter:

That is shows the mobile version of the Overstock website. When I tried to replicate it, I saw the desktop version – so maybe it isn’t fully rolled out yet.
It does make 100% sense for Google to show the mobile version of the site in their cache after a site is moved to mobile-first indexing because that is the site Google indexed now.
I just do not personally see it yet but that can just be a data center thing and it may take some time.

That’s strange you’re not seeing it. I see it for rustybrick. For larger news publishers I’m still seeing a broken cache… Very weird. But for all other sites that have been moved, I’m seeing the mobile version of the page cached. Must be a very recent change by Google. pic.twitter.com/o84tgauEvj
— Glenn Gabe (@glenngabe) November 2, 2018

yea, no, i see pic.twitter.com/Hb03kBlxHS
— Barry Schwartz (@rustybrick) November 2, 2018
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