Gennaro Cuofano shared a screen shot on Twitter with me of the Google Assistant showing a search ad in the search results for a voice query. I tried to replicate this myself and came up short, but his 100% shows a search ad.
Here is what Gennaro saw (click to enlarge):

See the search ad?
Here is what I see (click to enlarge):

I am not sure if this is new, but I don’t think Google Assistant typically shows ads – have you seen this before?
Forum discussion at Twitter.
It seems to be new based on the people I am asking, here is one person, but I asked others:

if you scrolled down there were organic responses. The answer on the voice assistant pretty much mirrored the search result page on that one. So at the 4th place there was my site
— Gennaro Cuofano (@fourweekmba) February 13, 2019

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