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Google AdWords Overview Page New Words & Ad Group Shift Cards

Jun 27, 2018 | Local SEO

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Google said on Google+ and Twitter that two new cards have come to the AdWords overview page for advertisers. Google has brought New Words card and Ad group Shifts insight card to the overview page.
New words card
This card shows you new words that people used while searching and finding your ads on Google.com. If you use broad match keywords, your ads run when people search for relevant variations of your keywords, even if the variations aren’t in your keyword lists.
Based on this insight, you may want to consider adding these words as keywords or negative keywords, or changing your keyword match types.
Ad group shift card
This card lets you know when there’s a significant change in the cost of an ad group as a percentage of its campaign’s cost. For example, if most of your cost used to come from one ad group within a campaign and that has changed recently, you’ll see this card appear.
Based on this insight, you may decide to take action by moving the new leading ad group into its own campaign, changing how you bid, or review changes you made to this campaign or ad group.

Updates to the Overview page in AdWords continue to rollout. New Words and Ad Group Shift insights have been launched. Learn more about these new features and other insights that appear on the Overview page: https://t.co/yLj6ecmXLh pic.twitter.com/CzMPZvApaI
— Google AdWords (@adwords) June 26, 2018
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