On Friday Google Ads started to leak some data about their search ads within the Ad Preview & Diagnosis Tool. It would show ad score, the bid ECPM, Fmt ECPM, the number of rejections and more data. Google eventually fixed the issue later on Friday but here is a screen shot from one of the ads that were leaked.
I covered it on Friday at Search Engine Land, Google has not responded to the complaint or issue outside of saying they will look into it as far as I know.
Here is a screen shot from @SulekshVS on Twitter:

Google responded asking for more details but that is wall I saw:

Hi there, thanks for reaching out. Could you please send us a DM with more details? We’d like to look into this. -Anil https://t.co/oKg4j161pb
— Google Ads (@GoogleAds) February 15, 2019
Now it seems to work fine without exposing data or returning an error code.
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