Google has officially launched Google Ads Editor version 1, which now offers full cross-account management.
This is the first major update of Editor to be released since Google AdWords was rebranded as Google Ads.
Google has been waiting to announce the Google Ads brand on an Editor release until it was able to incorporate long-standing community requests in a significant update.
Here’s what’s new in Google Ad Editor v1.
New Features in Google Ads Editor
Google has updated Editor with full cross-account management. Previously, campaign managers could only make changes in the Editor UI for a single account.
Editor can now be used seamlessly across your Google Ads accounts from a single window.

“For example, you’ll be able to easily add the same set of keywords across different accounts, update campaign settings across your entire book of business, or download relevant stats across any grouping of your accounts.”

Google has also improved the overall design and usability of Editor with a new interface that will help users execute tasks more quickly.
According to community feedback, users were having a difficult time remembering where each setting was in Google Ads Editor.
Google addressed this problem by creating a right-hand Edit panel to improve users’ ability to scan. There is also a new search function to help people find what they need even faster.
In addition, the following new features are now available in Google Ads Editor:
Streamlined editing
Full support for non-skippable video ads
Custom rules updates
Ad strength indicator
Maximize conversions for TrueView for action campaigns
Maximize conversions for display campaigns
New support for App campaigns
Audience targeting in Smart Display campaigns
Bumper campaigns are now video campaigns
Message extensions

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