The other week we posted about a bug with Google Ad Grants advertisers not being able to accept the terms and conditions. This has been going on for weeks and finally Google posted a possible solution or workaround for the bug.
Ammar from Google posted the steps are as follows:
go to billing setup page https://screenshot.googleplex.com/B1s37cE0kGV.png
go to setting tab: https://screenshot.googleplex.com/XWM8SMvQv67
find one of the admin user (could be user of the advertiser or user of the MCC manager of the advertiser) to accept the TOS. see https://screenshot.googleplex.com/YGjUvJEs7tG.png
add the user as Payments user to have at least signup permission. (If there is already such user, this can be skipped) see https://screenshot.googleplex.com/YSkyQrYpSxw.png and https://screenshot.googleplex.com/8sx4cxSzTrU
He wants to know if this work around works for you – so do let him know in this new thread.
Forum discussion at Google Advertising Help.

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