Duane Forrester, a former Bing representative and experience SEO who is very well respected, supposedly said at PubCon that Wikipedia’s traffic dropped by 21% after Google launched their featured snippets.
Patrick Stox tweeted it out from his presentation:

Whoa. @DuaneForrester says Wikipedia lost 21% of their traffic when featured snippets were released. #Pubcon
— Patrick Stox (@patrickstox) March 6, 2019
That is huge and it is the first time I saw that metric.
I am not sure where Duane got this metric but he said it. He did chime in on a question related to Bing and this but did not deny saying this.
Do you know where this 21% metric comes from?
If it is true, then why in the world would publishers want featured snippets in Google?
Forum discussion at Twitter.

Can I officially claim residuals from Forrester Research now that I’ve been addressed as “Forrester”?! 🤣 Original source of the data below. For context, during the preso, this was an historical reference: https://t.co/CvgUBeL5oi
— duane forrester (@DuaneForrester) March 8, 2019

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