New: Facebook Tests Augmented Reality Ads

At the 2018 F8 Developer Conference, Facebook announced that
they’ll be testing augmented reality ads in Messenger with select brands, and this week they announced that something similar would be
showing up in users’ feeds.

Select advertisers like Sephora, Michael Kors, Wayfair, and
Pottery Barn will be the ones getting to test these ads, and the goal is to
roll them out to more brands throughout the year.

These ads currently allow users to use Facebook’s native in-app
camera to see how products (like sunglasses or a certain lipstick color) would
look on themselves.

FB Augmented Realit

Augmented reality (AR) has huge selling potential.

It doesn’t require potential customers to invest in technology
that many can’t afford like virtual reality currently does.

And, as we all know, dynamic, engaging ads are a great way to
capture user attention and reel them in.

This ability being added to Facebook Ads will make the platform
even more competitive and effective, especially since users don’t have to leave
the app to access the features.



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