Here is a recap of what happened in the search forums today, through the eyes of the Search Engine Roundtable and other search forums on the web.
Search Engine Roundtable Stories:
Google: Build A Site That If Google Doesn’t Rank Well, It Would Be A Search BugGoogle’s John Mueller said it is wise to think long term with your web site and build a site that is so fantastic that if Google isn’t ranking it well for relevant queries that Google would consider it a bug. Thus Google would have to update their algorithms to rank your site for the relevant queries.
I Wish Google Would Stop Saying They Do Hundreds Or Thousands Of Updates Per YearI really wish Google would stop responding to algorithm update questions with “we do hundreds or thousands of changes per year.” Like I’ve been saying for years, I’d bet 95% of those updates have little to do with core ranking but more related to UX, UI and feature changes.
Why Does Google Confirm Some Core Algorithm Updates & Not Others?I always wonder why Google will confirm some core ranking algorithm updates and not others. So I asked John Mueller of Google if he knows the behind the scenes decision making process on when Google confirms a core algorithm update. He said it is mostly around if the non-SEO community is confused, Google may decide to comment.
Google Search Tests Expandable Related QueriesGoogle is testing new functionality for the related queries section you see at the footer of the Google search results. This shows Google giving the searcher the ability to click on a related query and then it expands and shows them a single search result for that query, which they can then click on “more results” to see more.
Google Image Search Tests New Image Preview FrameGoogle is testing a new design for how they display the previews and thumbnails of an image after you click on an image in the Google Image Search results. Instead of showing it framed out in a large black area, Google is testing showing the image preview on the right side in a white box.
On The Day Google Left China People Left Flowers At The Beijing OfficeBack in 2010, when Google announced they are leaving China over their principles on censorship, etc. People from within China came to the Beijing office and left flowers at the Google sign outside th
Other Great Search Forum Threads:
First I’ve seen of this: a vertical news “carousel” in desktop search results. Query: “the city podcast” @rustybrick ?… https://t.co/LOjWh8cZGA, Kyle Sutton on Twitter
Google search uses various algorithms to find an anchor text to use to point at a site, including the site’s title. Check out https://t.co/2DdKWBR4Sy… https://t.co/fca7wAPoEY, John Mueller on Twitter
Sad Featured Snippet Story We usually think that a featured snippet can be traffic gold. We work hard so to not give all the answer in it. But, then, Google…, Gianluca Fiorelli on Twitter
This search layout (desktop) seems to be new (at least to me). The search bar is fixed to the top as you scroll.…, Pedro Dias on Twitter
GDPR – has it affected earnings?, WebmasterWorld
Hey, there’s a Google podcasts’ creator program planned — if you’re keen on making a podcast to increase the diversity of voices out there, or already make one, check it out: https://t.co/KFTAc77KHU, John Mueller on Twitter
This whole article makes me nostalgic for when I traced connections like this at my old job: https://t.co/xWjvMhr695, Matt Cutts on Twitter
Using content that’s purely machine-translated sounds like a terrible way to promote a translation company (why even hire them, when a script can do the same?). We generally see machine-translated content as auto-generated spam, John Mueller on Twitter
You can sometimes dig into the details by reproducing those queries — sometimes it’s just quirks that take a really long time to update, or something weird with the HTTPS migration (eg, a robotted URL).… https://t.co/DWOYF6, John Mueller on Twitter
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