Here is a recap of what happened in the search forums today, through the eyes of the Search Engine Roundtable and other search forums on the web.
Search Engine Roundtable Stories:
Google Search Console Index Coverage Report Updated For Mobile-First IndexingGoogle posted that they made a change to how the index coverage status report works around sites that have been migrated to the mobile-first indexing initiative. Google said now the error counts and new issues will reflect the status of mobile-first indexing.
Notice: Google Search Console To Replace Search Analytics With Performance ReportGoogle has posted an important notice in Google Search Console, above the Search Analytics report that it will “soon be replaced” by the new Performance report within the new Google Search Console.
Speakable Markup Is Now Supported On Google Home HubThe Google Home Hub, the one with the display, now supports speakable markup. When the Google Home Hub first launched it did not support speakable markup, like the Google Home without the display.
Some Google AdSense Payments Delayed & Still PendingSome Google AdSense publishers and YouTube creators are noticing that they didn’t get paid yet in November from Google. Google issues a notice that they are working on getting payments out but there is currently a delay.
Fe del Mundo, Filipino Pediatrician, Google DoodleToday on the Google home page in the United States, Philippines, Australia and some other countries is a Google Doodle, special Google logo, for Fe del Mundo. Fe del Mundo was a Filipino pediatrician and the first woman to be admitted to Harvard Medical School.
Google Madrid Gets Blowup Dragonfly In ProtestHere is a photo from outside of the Google Madrid office with a dragonfly balloon being placed at the company. I suspect it is in protest of project Dragonfly, the censored version of Google search fo
Other Great Search Forum Threads:
The old Triple Stacker Panel. Google Shopping, Knowledge Panel, and the Local Panel all on the one page. Haven’t seen a combo like this before… https://t.co/PNbjjv0Qnb”, Brodie Clark on Twitter
Anything to help us with canonicalization is a good idea – the rel-canonical, updating the links to the page, submitting via sitemap, etc.… https://t.co/2UIBkOCYt, John Mueller on Twitter
Consumer Groups File GDPR Complaint over Google User Location Tracking, WebmasterWorld
Heads up: Removing Annotations, Ad-Supported Shows & Movies, Video Credits 2019, YouTube Help
If you use 503’s then a couple of hours is no problem.…, John Mueller on Twitter
robots.txt is not a way to handle canonicalization. If they’re duplicate, they should use the normal way to signal that (eg, rel-canonical). If they shouldn’t be indexed, then use noindex. robots.txt is not for either of those, John Mueller on Twitter
Sure, that can happen – when we can’t crawl it because of robots.txt, we can still index the URL (without its content).…, John Mueller on Twitter
Useful changes to your billing statement reports, Bing Ads Blog
We generally don’t have country-specific updates.…, John Mueller on Twitter
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