Here is a recap of what happened in the search forums today, through the eyes of the Search Engine Roundtable and other search forums on the web.
Search Engine Roundtable Stories:
Search Buzz Video Recap: Google Search Rankings, News Indexing Bug, Black Friday Ads & MoreThis week I covered a possible tweak to the Google search ranking update. Google also seems to be still experiencing issues with some news publishers not ranking in search. Google said sites can still rank even if they are spamming…
Google: You Can Rank In Google Even When You Spam By MistakeGoogle’s John Mueller said on Twitter that even if you make a mistake and do keyword stuffing or some other spammy mistake on your site, it is still possible for the site to rank in Google because of the positive things the site is doing. “Usually we’re just ranking them because of other factors – getting one thing wrong doesn’t mean you’ll never show up in search,” John said.
Google Video Carousel Related Videos Query Expansion FeatureSEMRush posted a screen shot of Google showing a query expansion feature, like the people also ask feature, for video carousels. It is titled “related videos” and shows you different queries you can try in Google to show more related videos in the Google search results.
Google My Business Insights Data Latency Not Being Speed Up NowA week or so ago, Google told us that they released an update to Google My Business Insights that would result in us getting improvements in terms of how soon we see fresh data from the analytics tools. Well, Google misspoke and now we are told we won’t see these improvements happen for at least 3 to 6 months.
Google Top Stories In Double Carousel ViewTop stories in Google search on mobile search normally is made up of a carousel that shows a single row of stories you can flip through. Here is a test where Google is showing two rows of carousels in the top stories interface.
Google Tests Image Thumbnails Again In Search Result SnippetsGoogle is yet again testing image thumbnails in their search results snippets. This is a test that has been ongoing for several years now in many different forms. Here it is again and like every case before it, I personally cannot replicate it.
Plaza La SEO SignHere is a street sign in Zaragoza, Spain that says Plaza La SEO – The SEO Square. The funny part is, a bunch of SEOs in the area went out and took selfies with the sign after Alyeda Solis posted one
Thanksgiving 2018 Logos From Google, Yahoo & BingOn Thanksgiving day today in the United States Google, Yahoo and Bing all have special logos or themes for the day. Google has a family of mice eating a thanksgiving dinner at the table together, Yahoo has a artistic turkey and Bing goes with the Thanksgiving day parade.
Other Great Search Forum Threads:
Last November I reported that the EU will soon make forced geoIP redirects illegal https://t.co/7x0uJujjZk Soon = 3rd December 2018 https://t.co/Jqlgws64zj Enjoy your pre-Christmas site changes, retailers! #ecomchat… https, Stephen Kenwright on Twitter
Format of this location extension ad looks new to me., Sergey Alakov on Twitter
Yeah, aim for direct-to-target redirects. Redirects slow things down, especially on mobile, especially cross-host. We crawl 5 chained in one go, and take it from there the next time we crawl. Crawlers are great at spotting thes, John Mueller on Twitter
Happy Turkey 🦃 Day! Today we’re thankful for our community of experts who he…, Google Product Experts – Google+
Looks the rounded/sticky header design test (https://t.co/PTpnnGOg1x) is part of a broader set of design changes. There’s also a new top stories and PLA’s design that go along with this change. https://t.co/71J1qlEj7Q” / Twitter, Brodie Clark on Twitter
Search Engine Land Stories:
Other Great Search Stories:

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