Here is a recap of what happened in the search forums today, through the eyes of the Search Engine Roundtable and other search forums on the web.
Search Engine Roundtable Stories:
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November 2017 AdSense Earnings & Observations, WebmasterWorld
@sandeepmalviy @Davidkaufmann16 @JohnMu Of course! When using hreflang, the content should be equivalent, but doesn’t need to be exactly the same., Google Webmasters on Twitter
@shahinAnSEO @JohnMu @methode Those don’t sound like natural links that other people use to recommend your content. https://t.co/7unpjHaIq9, Google Webmasters on Twitter
@spammack @googlewmc Usually you’d be linking to your separate language versions anyway, so some of that will happen naturally anyway., John Mueller on Twitter
@spammack @JohnMu You focus too much on PageRank :). It tells Google pages are equivalent across languages, it’s not a replacement for a link. https://t.co/HyVSMfQ9XV, John Mueller on Twitter
Calculating CTR averages using Google Search Console https://t.co/ED5Twb7CWK We already did *most* of this, so super useful from @dejanseo https://t.co/D0k5lWvWmw, Stephen Kenwright on Twitter
Google Drops Access to Travel API – Affects Expedia & Orbitz, WebmasterWorld
New Googlebot locations in South Asia and Hong Kong, WebmasterWorld
Non-Google Popularity Building Helps Google SEO?, WebmasterWorld
Open role on my team at Google (Bay Area + NYC) working to help partners launch #PWA s, #AMP s and other fun #webtech. DM for more details!, Cheney Tsai on Twitter

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