Here is a recap of what happened in the search forums today, through the eyes of the Search Engine Roundtable and other search forums on the web.
Search Engine Roundtable Stories:
Search Buzz Video Recap: Google Search Update, Suing Local SEO, Bing Cryptocurrency & Don’t Be EvilThis week in search, we reported on the maybe 3rd Google algorithm and search update in May. Google said they are taking legal action against a local SEO company. Google has…
Google: There Is No Fixed Timeout For JavaScript Page RenderingSo with all this JavaScript code and high end JS based web development going on, pages need to render and the heavier the code and the slower the server and computer accessing the page, the longer the wait time for the page to render…
Google: Shared Robots.txt Across Domains Work OkayGoogle’s John Mueller said on Twitter that having shared robots.txt across multiple domains is fine and should work for search. John wrote “It sounds like you have a shared robots…
New Google News Drops RSS Feed Subscription ButtonsWith the new Google News, they didn’t just drop the standout tag and editors pick but it seems like the direct method to subscribe to Google News via RSS and Google News keyword searches is gone. There are still ways to subscribe…
Stephen Kenwright – The Search Community Honors YouThis is part of the say something nice about an SEO/SEM series – feel free to nominate someone over here. Stephen Kenwright is 30 years old and lives in the countryside near Leeds and is planning on getting married next month. He also is the proud dad to a border terrier…
James Wong Howe, The Cinematographer, Google LogoToday on the Google home page in the United State is a special Google logo, Doodle…
Unicorn Cupcakes At GoogleWhat would it be like to go to an office and not have cupcakes in the shape and color of a unicorn? I know, horror. That is exactly why Google makes sure to serve their employees not just cupcakes bu
Other Great Search Forum Threads:
@johnmu: Google doesn’t use those outbound links to benefit the linking site or page. We evaluate the site on its own without just looking at the outbound links. Spammers have tried that in the past (heavily linking t, Glenn Gabe on Twitter
StumbleUpon Social Share Platform to Close June 30, 2018, WebmasterWorld
We should have something soon – for now it’s just in the video.…, John Mueller on Twitter
We’re hiring! Looking for a Webmaster Outreach strategist focused on Hindi-speaking web creators. If you’re passionate about the open web, evolving web technologies, and interested in making a big dent in the content creat, Juan Felipe Rincón on Twitter
Get to know more about the coolest places to explore in Google Earth, Google Maps Help
How can i check if .js is rendred server side or client side? : TechSEO, Reddit
Jim Hedger Interviews Kim About Closing Forums – Cre8asiteforums Closing May 25 – Farewell and Thank You, Cre8asite Forums
U.S. Starts Criminal Probe into Bitcoin Price Manipulation, WebmasterWorld

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