Here is a recap of what happened in the search forums today, through the eyes of the Search Engine Roundtable and other search forums on the web.
Search Engine Roundtable Stories:
Other Great Search Forum Threads:
60 Minutes Asks, “How Did Google Get So Big?”, WebmasterWorld
Google adds a Recently Opened notice in Hotel Knowledge Panel. We’re now testing if it’s tied to GMB ‘add opening date’ feature. @sergey_alakov @rustybrick @LQ @LQ_Returns… https://t.co/N08Hfsih7N, Brad Brewer on Twitter
Indexation … it’s what’s left after robots.taxes, essentially., John Mueller on Twitter
Adobe to Acquire Magento Commerce for $1.68 Billion, WebmasterWorld
New CPU Vulnerability, Speculative Store Bypass (Variant 4), WebmasterWorld
PSA: the “I got my company banned by Google” story was fake, potentially black PR : google, Reddit
To demonstrate how slow the @guardian page loads during our technical #SEO session @SMX #SMXlondon, @bart_goralewicz is having @TomAnthonySEO do push ups until the page fully loads. Slow load times, truly painful!… https://t, MichelleRobbins on Twitter
US Congress mulls extending copyright yet again – to 144 years, WebmasterWorld
Using GTM means it requires rendering to be processed, and has the logic outside of the pages / server — it’s both potentially flaky & a nightmare to maintain. I can see that making sense in exceptional cases, but, John Mueller on Twitter

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