Here is a recap of what happened in the search forums today, through the eyes of the Search Engine Roundtable and other search forums on the web.
Search Engine Roundtable Stories:
Google: Ranking Is Nothing Without ConversionThe topic of HTML validation has been covered here time and time again – we know Google doesn’t downgrade or boost a web site with bad or good HTML validation…
60% Of SEOs Say They Hurt A Web Site In Google With Spammy LinksA few months ago, I asked you all to take a poll around if you have ever hurt a web site using spammy links to downgrade their rankings in Google search. The good news is…
Poll: How SEOs Measure Changes To Backlink ProfileI can honestly tell you, I have personally not looked at my backlink profiles in years. Not in Google Search Console links report, not in third party tools, no where. But I believe…
Bing Ads Bans Cryptocurrency AdvertisementsAdvertisers who want to use Bing Ads to promote the sale of cryptocurrency, the digital asset such as Bitcoin and others, are not going to be able to do so in June….
Jason Acidre – The Search Community Honors YouJason Acidre is 32 years old and lives in Quezon City, Metro Manila, Philippines with his wife, Gianina Belle Acidre and their two kids – they are also expecting in August, around …
Aleyda Solis With Her European Search Personality AwardHere is a photo of Aleyda Solis holding the European Search Personality Award that she won Thursday at the European Search Awards. She didn’t expect it at all and it was…
Programming Note: Offline Monday For Shavous 5778This is just a heads up that I am currently offline today for the Jewish holiday of Shavout. Anything posted today, Monday the 21st of May, was scheduled and pre-written last…
Other Great Search Forum Threads:
One thing you can do is use a video sitemap and specify an expiration date in the past: https://t.co/k4ly3nAH2M — if you can DM me some examples, I’d love to take a look though!… https://t.co/R9OQhqV6wc, John Mueller on Twitter
Yeah, it gets complicated quickly. Eg, you can redirect from /product/ to /product/us-southern/ but anyone going to /product/us-southern/ directly shouldn’t be redirected, even if they come from New York or Beijing., John Mueller on Twitter
Hacking the Knowledge Graph Google recently facilitated sharing of Knowledge…, Google+ – UweTippmann
Set reminder command and variations stopped working on Assistant, Google Web Search Help
Yep, that can happen. Usually we’ll still show the hreflang URLs, but the snippet might be the wrong version. Real localization always beats copying content. It’s always a balance of finding the right granularity th, John Mueller on Twitter
Snapchat Now Shows Unskippable 6-Second Ads, WebmasterWorld
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