Here is a recap of what happened in the search forums today, through the eyes of the Search Engine Roundtable and other search forums on the web.
Search Engine Roundtable Stories:
Google Automobile Knowledge PanelSteve Seeley notified me that Google is now showing a new knowledge panel and search result interface for car related keywords. So if you search for a a make and brand and year, you get this neat packed up search result with all the details on that specific car.
Google’s Gary Illyes PubCon Presentation Was Image Search FocusedI was not at PubCon yesterday for Gary Illyes of Google’s keynote but I was watching the Twitter stream and to me, it seems his presentation was mostly focused around image search. This was not a surprise based on Google’s recent communication efforts around image search being important for SEOs to look at.
Google Assistant Can Book A Restaurant Reservation In Most US StatesNo wonder Google kept turning on the Google Assistant call feature in your Google My Business account – Google just announced that they are rolling out the ability for the Google Assistant to book tables at restaurants in 43 US States.
Google Video Describes What Sites Need Help With SEO When Using JavaScriptAs you know, Google’s Martin Splitt has been producing a series of videos around JavaScript and SEO. So far we saw an introduction video and how Google indexes JavaScript. The next video is also basic and describes what type of sites with JavaScript Google has no problem with and what types might need some extra TLC.
Olga Ladyzhenskaya Google Logo Partial Differential EquationsToday on Google’s home page is a special Doodle, Google logo, to remember the life of the Russian mathematician Olga Ladyzhenskaya. She was most well known for her work on partial differential equations and fluid dynamics. The Doodle was posted on her 97th birthday – she passed at the age of 81 on January 12, 2004.
Double Rainbows At Google Again AgainWe’ve seen numerous double rainbows at the Google office, we even posted photos of them back in 2014 and also last year in 2018. But here is yet another double rainbow shot at Google I found on Insta
Other Great Search Forum Threads:
I’m seeing pretty major falloffs in the number of mobile SERPs that have a places pack in a lot of international markets. Brazil, Mexico, New Zealand, Switzerland, India, Russia, and Germany look hardest hit. Have manually verifi, Eric Hedekar on Twitter
New updates to Google Tag Manager triggers. Please make a note of it., Google Analytics on Twitter
This is relieving and confirms many suspicions I’ve had about the algo over the yrs, but was too embarrassed to voice publicly. #GoogleChocolateUpdate (cc @rustybrick)… https://t.co/dWnwu8aJ5O, David Farkas on Twitter
Google visits drop after implementing Cloudflare, WebmasterWorld
Hey @searchliaison the new Google Search Console doesn’t work to well on 1366px by 786px. Cannot execute filtering. Breakout box is too big. What can I do about it? @rustybrick @methode… https://t.co/XmOVT92xo0, Chris Lever on Twitter
So, after all the weekend craziness, we’re seeing 0% In-depth Articles this morning. No sign of 3-packs that inflate page-1 counts to 12 (as we’ve seen for 1+ years now). Either this is a test, too, or they’re fully blending, Dr. Pete Meyers on Twitter
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