Here is a recap of what happened in the search forums today, through the eyes of the Search Engine Roundtable and other search forums on the web.
Search Engine Roundtable Stories:
Google Says All Separate Mobile URL Sites Should Move To ResponsiveGoogle’s John Mueller said on Reddit this morning that he believes that all sites running a separate mobile URL for their mobile site solution should work on moving those implementations to a responsive site design instead. He said that mostly because it makes it easier to maintain, not because of any SEO benefit.
Google Knowledge Panel Explore CollectionsI am not sure if this is new, it may be from the late 2018 Google change but Google can now let you see all the products within a collection when Google shows a products carousel in the knowledge panel.
Google Property Sets Officially Shutting March 28thWe knew it was coming by the end of this month but now we have a specific date. March 28, 2019 Google will close Property sets, which has now been officially replaced by Google’s Domain properties.
Google Automatically Creating Domain Properties In Search ConsoleAs you know, Google launched domain properties since the old property sets are going away soon. But did you know that Google can also automatically create domain properties for you? I guess if you have already verified sites using DNS verification, Google may just create these properties for you?
Google: How We Select Dates For Search Results SnippetsSince Google began showing dates in the search results snippets many have noticed Google pull the wrong date from time to time. Some of it is due to publishers intentionally tricking Google but most of the time, it is Google just getting it wrong. Google has published a blog post today around dates in snippets to help publishers and searchers understand how Google shows dates in snippets.
A Pigeon Head At Google NYCSometimes you find the weirdest pictures on Instagram. Here is a photo of someone wearing a mascot looking pigeon head at the Google New York City office. He wrote “🐦The real face of #newyorker”
Other Great Search Forum Threads:
It looks like it was picked up from some image sharing site; they can be a bit random in what they find. If it’s not properly blocked, it’s not blocked, so it’s always more a matter of when – not if – it’ll be found. For test/, John Mueller on Twitter
Top stories in Grid Format @rustybrick @thebrightflow #google #googleserp #topstories https://t.co/9a3M8LlpoP, Bhumika Kateliya on Twitter
What happens to search ranks on Google if I disable AMP?, Reddit
Yes, we do use the text on a page to see if it’s potentially a soft-404. Often that’s pretty obvious, like a clear “page not found” / “product not found” page. If your JS is generating that error-text accidentally, then that mi, John Mueller on Twitter
2 Indexing Issues, WebmasterWorld
The new Google Web Search Community is looking a bit different in many ways https://t.co/D814WyxUpo cc @JohnMu…, Barry Schwartz on Twitter
We interviewed John Mueller (@JohnMu) at the #MBSummit: SEO Tips & More.. @sejournal @sengineland @seroundtable Full interview 👉 https://t.co/QwOaP9A8br… https://t.co/Z1vjORm6EY, MBSummit on Twitter
What do *you* consider to be good content when you’re browsing the web?…, John Mueller on Twitter
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