Here is a recap of what happened in the search forums today, through the eyes of the Search Engine Roundtable and other search forums on the web.
Search Engine Roundtable Stories:
It’s Live: Google Speed Update Now Rolling OutThis morning, July 9th, Google has begun rolling out the Google Speed Update that they first announced in January 2018. Google has updated their blog post this morning, as I wrote at Search Engine Land, “Update July 9…
Google Publisher Knowledge Graph Cards: Writes About, Awards & MoreLast November Google launched what are called Google News Publisher Knowledge Graph Cards but for some reason, over the past week, I have been getting notifications from the SEO industry that this is new…
Unwanted Video Showing In Google Search Results?Since Google starting showing video carousels in the desktop results again, Google seems to have been showing way more videos in search than in the past…
Chrome DevTools Sensors To Check Regional Google Search ResultsAleyda Solis posted on Twitter a tip that SEOs and search marketers will love, to test regional based search results using Chrome developer tools “sensors” feature…
Tell Google About Your Large & Medium Site MovesGoogle’s John Mueller posted on Twitter asking about webmasters who have done medium to large web site migrations recently, about their experience…
Google Panda Keyboard?Danny Sullivan was checking out some new keyboards and shared photos of some, including this Panda designed keyboard. Danny, as you now, now works at Google, he covered the Panda update from the webm
Other Great Search Forum Threads:
Don’t, it doesn’t come with any benefits. Become a @JohnMu fan instead! Sometimes he gives away PageRank for free from the stash below his desk. That’s right people! If you were wondering where your PageRank is, he and @e, Gary Illyes on Twitter
I’m not the head of Google’s spam fighting team. I’m asking @jack to look into this on behalf of all the people who have had their accounts locked out, because I’m an avid Twitter user, and I’d like to see other avid Twitter us, Danny Sullivan on Twitter
Microsoft Edge For Android and iOS Gets Adblock Plus, WebmasterWorld
No.…, John Mueller on Twitter
AdSense Smart Pricing (Urgent), WebmasterWorld
It’s theoretically possible – a rel=canonical is a signal, it’s not a directive. Also, sometimes timing plays a role, e.g., if we discover the mobile page first. Anyway, why not side-step these and go responsive?, John Mueller on Twitter
Korea’s very first SEO Meetup will finally be held on August 3 with google webmaster @methode . The meetup venue is #lotteworldtower that is the tallest building in Korea and world’s 5th tallest building.… https://t.co/bJReLeij48, khai on Twitter
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