Here is a recap of what happened in the search forums today, through the eyes of the Search Engine Roundtable and other search forums on the web.
Search Engine Roundtable Stories:
Google: Geolocation Redirects Are OkayThis is not a new topic, we’ve been saying this for probably over a decade and even Matt Cutts posted a video answer on it in 2013. But hey – John Mueller from Google answered it again. You are allowed to do geolocation based redirects, directing US users to your US site, German users to your German site, as long as you don’t treat Googlebot differently than a user.
Google’s New Design For Lyrics In Search Results On MobileI don’t follow the lyrics search results too closely but back in 2014 Google added full lyrics to their search results. Since they added translation features to it last year. Now, according to Glenn Gabe they redesigned the mobile interface for the lyrics to be in this panel like UI.
Google AJAX Crawling Scheme Workarounds?I spotted John Mueller of Google giving a Reddit user advice on how to handle helping Google index content that still uses some of the old AJAX crawling scheme that Google deprecated long ago. I don’t fully understand the advice but here it is.
Google Local Listings Tests Your Match ScoresGoogle is testing a feature in the local listings, the local pack, that shows how closely the listings match you. It is a feature Google announced but did not launch back in May 2018 called “your match.” Through machine learning Google shows “a number that suggests how likely you are to enjoy a place and reasons explaining why.”
Google My Business: Reconfirm Location Vs Verify NowI am not sure what this is about but one local SEO is being asked to verify their business by clicking verify now or reconfirm location. I am not sure what the difference is and neither are any of the local SEOs in the Local Search Forums.
Facebook Vinyl Record Player With Records SwagHere is a photo of a holiday swag pile sent to Pedro Dias and team from Facebook. It included a vinyl record player with vinyl records to play. Here is a photo of it from his post on Twitter. Below a
Other Great Search Forum Threads:
This is odd. Search query ‘Liverpool One’ and ‘Bristol One’ at 11:40am. Any thoughts on this @JohnMu @rustybrick ?…, Chris Lever on Twitter
@rustybrick Analytics now showing hours of the day, as default for the daily view?…, Jonathan Hatton on Twitter
Hey, folks! @markemunroe is asking y’all for experience with migrating to/from dynamic rendering: https://t.co/2Dm2iyvkoa – I’m interested in those stories, too so please share and respond if you did some prerende, Martin Splitt @ on Twitter
I’d post in the webmaster help forum for questions like these — it seems to be something specific to your site, so having the URL & more background information would be useful for the folks there to help rule things out, or h, John Mueller on Twitter
Is citation quality getting worse?, Local Search Forum
Negative Review Attack, Local Search Forum
Twitter to Test Conversation Tweets Feature, WebmasterWorld
View the freshest satellite imagery in Google Earth with the new 3D toggle!, Google Maps Help
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