Here is a recap of what happened in the search forums today, through the eyes of the Search Engine Roundtable and other search forums on the web.
Search Engine Roundtable Stories:
Use 404s & Temporary Sitemaps To Speed Up Page Removal From GoogleHave a lot of pages you want removed from the Google index and don’t want to use the page removal tool for each URL? Google’s John Mueller said you can try to 404 and noindex all the pages you want removed and then submit a temporary sitemap to Google. It might speed things up he said.
Google Rich Results Test Now With Code EditingGoogle announced on Twitter yesterday that the Google Rich Results Test now lets you not just test live or sample code, but also let’s you make edits to code that you run and test it on the fly. So after you run it, you can then click into the code on the left side panel and edit what you want, then run it again.
Google Manufacturer Center With New Content, Analytics & AvailabilityGoogle announced they added some new features to the Google Manufacturer Center. They added a new section on Shopping product detail pages that has more content from your site. They added new and improved analytics. And they also expanded availability of the Manufacturer Center from seven countries to 24 countries.
Google PSA: Do Not 301 Pages that Should 404 To Your Home PageGoogle’s John Mueller said it again, if you 301 redirect pages that should 404 to your home page, Google will treat them as soft 404s anyway and thus all you are doing is confusing your end users. There is no benefit in using a 301 redirect for a page that you killed off when you are redirecting it to a page that is not relevant to that 404 page.
G Logo Made Of Google Colored BasketballsGoogle posted on their Instagram channel this shiny photo of a bunch of colored basketballs on a basketball court in the shape of the G logo. I believe it is to promote the NBA All-Star Vote that we
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Please Use the New YouTube Help Forum!, YouTube Help
Removing the script tags would also drop any JSON-LD structured data on the page, which might not be what you’re trying to achieve. FWIW we’ll generally still render pages without script tags.… https://t.co/iZvCnR527c, John Mueller on Twitter
What would be the use-case for it?…, John Mueller on Twitter
In general, I’d avoid making pages that you don’t need, you can have multiple hreflang value s on a single page, eg if you have DE-language for DE, AT, CH countries.… https://t.co/QhSpcoJKuK, John Mueller on Twitter
That’s still the same. I’d also redirect desktop users to the desktop site from the m.-site, like you would redirect mobile users from the desktop site to the m.-site. Or, even better, just use responsive web design :-))… ht, John Mueller on Twitter
Want more profits? @BuyerZone added the Microsoft Audience Network to their SEM strategy. The result? An extra 20% profit on top of their original search campaign. https://t.co/Vys5oZrDyt… https://t.co/7BNtbD2KHQ, Bing Ads on Twitter
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