Here is a recap of what happened in the search forums today, through the eyes of the Search Engine Roundtable and other search forums on the web.
Search Engine Roundtable Stories:
Social Media Icons Return To Google Knowledge PanelsSome SEOs are noticing that Google has brought back the social media icons in the knowledge panels for both personalities and local businesses. I personally didn’t notice they ever were gone but I guess they were.
Google Ads Bug Shows Too Many Ads; It Is ResolvedWe’ve seen it numerous times, where a bug leads Google to either show too many Google Ads in the search results or the organic listings do not load and Google only shows ads. It is rare, but we see it every now and then. Google recently confirmed a bug where they showed too many ads in the mobile results.
Google+ APIs Shut Down Concerns Google My Business DevelopersYesterday, I and many developers received an email from Google Developers that had the subject line “[Action Required] Google+ APIs and OAuth requests are being shutdown on March 7, 2019.” The issue is not specific with Google+ but some of those APIs in there are specific to Google My Business and they have no replacement or migration path.
Google AMP Crawl Error Bug Fix Is HereWe’ve been tracking the big AMP crawl error and AMP issues in search over the past week. Yesterday Google confirmed it was a bug on their end and said they would fix it. Today they documented the issue on their data anomalies page and RankRanger is showing AMP content coming back in the search results this morning.
Now Google My Business Bulk Users Can Download/Upload SpreadsheetsKara from Google announced a small update in the Google My Business Help forums saying “Now, bulk users can download and upload their locations to and from spreadsheets.” “This feature enables bulk users to easily manage and organize their multiple locations…
Google NikesGoogle orders some custom Nike sneakers with G logo. Eric J. Duran, a Google software engineer, posted the photos on Instagram and wrote the following.
Other Great Search Forum Threads:
Google’s got jokes… (cc: @rustybrick @JohnMu)…, Ben Cook on Twitter
Hide all the links, like it’s 1999 all over again? :-)…, John Mueller on Twitter
I can’t promise things for the future… Our goal with this gradual switch-over is to mention the parts that are planned to go away well in advance. Some things will change though, hopefully for the better, of course!… https:, John Mueller on Twitter
If it’s only active on a small part of your site, it might be that the webspam team is just “neutralizing” those weird links for you. Still, if you’re unsure, it’s worth checking in with folks who have experience with these iss, John Mueller on Twitter
In your opinion which structured data markup syntax is the easiest to use when adding #schema.org information to a web page?, Aaron Bradley on Twitter
That’s generally not a problem — it’s a really common design pattern (lots of menus on sites are made like that, for example).… https://t.co/ptNmXJaZVo, John Mueller on Twitter
Ah, speed — that’s partially because it runs through a lot of the normal websearch pipelines for testing what would actually result in search. That’s a good point though.… https://t.co/PH5sG1Xevf, John Mueller on Twitter
Apple Quarter Revenue Down 5pct to $84.3 Billion, WebmasterWorld
If you have any specifics, it would be interesting to post them to double-check. From my experience, Joost & his team are top-notch, and given the number of sites using those plugins, it would surprise me if there were anything, John Mueller on Twitter
Using Text in Profile Photo in Google My Business?, Local Search Forum
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