Here is a recap of what happened in the search forums today, through the eyes of the Search Engine Roundtable and other search forums on the web.
Search Engine Roundtable Stories:
Search Buzz Video Recap: Google Ranking Changes, Drug Rehab SEO, Google News Violations, Hacks, URL Inspection & MoreThis week in search we saw another unconfirmed Google algorithm update around January 15th. We also looked at the competitive drug rehab SEO space and how Google reacts to it…
Is Google Getting Ready To Punish Google News Publishers In Violation?Google published on the webmaster blog some tips and advice around doing well in Google News. All of the tips and advice are known and have been published in Google’s help docs – which makes you wonder, why is Google putting a new blog post out there that is near duplicate to what Google has published elsewhere?
Google Sends Many AMP Issue Detected NoticesA couple of days ago, Google sent out via Google Search Console a nice number of AMP notifications related to new issues detected. The thing is, the issue isn’t new, the notification about the issue is new.
Google: How Soon Can You Remove 301 Redirects?We’ve covered the topic of how long Google wants you to keep 301 redirects in place here numerous times. John Mueller was asked the question again and this time he said “After a few years the old URLs are often no longer accessed & you can drop those redirects.”
Google Patches The Open Date Google Local Edits HackGoogle has reportedly resolved the issue where anyone can change the open date of a business listing in the local Google results and ultimately hurt that business from ranking in the Google local results. Jason Brown via Nate Somsen noticed Google fixed the issue.
Google’s John Mueller To Host Small Hangout & Meetup At Google NYCGoogle’s John Mueller announced on Twitter that he will be in New York City next week at the big Google office there and will be hosting two small events. Tuesday at 6pm, he will host a really small live Google office-hours hangout and on Thursday at 6:30pm he will host a small meetup.
Yoda At GoogleHere is a photo someone posted on Instagram of Yoda, the character, at Google’s Dublin office. He wrote “May the Force be with you.” I guess the guy likes Star Wars enough to have these toys with him
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