Here is a recap of what happened in the search forums today, through the eyes of the Search Engine Roundtable and other search forums on the web.
Search Engine Roundtable Stories:
A Google Search Ranking Algorithm Update On February 27th?I am seeing some new chatter and most of the tools are backing up the chatter around another Google search ranking algorithm update that started around yesterday, February 27th. The chatter is pretty limited and fresh but I suspect it will pick up soon in the ongoing WebmasterWorld forums.
John Mueller’s Greatest SEO Success Story Was…A Reddit thread is asking folks to share their greatest SEO success story and there are some good ones. But Google’s John Mueller chimed in and said his was as simple as instructing someone to remove the noindex from their site. He said “sometimes good things come in small checkboxes.”
Multiple Google User Interface Tests Including People Also Ask IconsOver the past several days I have been inundated with reports from SEOs about Google testing different interfaces. I’d say 80% of them are interfaces we’ve reported on before but here are some new ones I haven’t seen before including an icon for the people also ask section in Google Search.
Google My Business Launches New Spam Report FormGoogle announced they have launched a new form to submit spam reports about Google local, maps and Google My Business related spam. Google calls it the Business Redressal Complaint Form and is for fraudulent activity.
Martin Splitt From Google To Host Video Series On JavaScript & SEOGoogle’s Martin Splitt announced on Twitter that Google is starting a new video series around JavaScript and SEO. He said “they are coming out now, you definitely want to stay tuned.” You can watch them on the the Google Webmaster YouTube channel.
Google Dublin ExpandingHere are some photos of the skyline around the Google Dublin offices showing how Google is expanding over there. You can see the construction and buildings Google is erecting in the area.
Other Great Search Forum Threads:
New free + slick speed monitoring tool: https://t.co/WObsmnKr4p • Track site speed over time • Alerts when speed drops • First contentful paint • Time to first byte • Number of requests • Free? Get out of town! Run a test he, Cyrus on Twitter
AMP isn’t a ranking factor, so it wouldn’t be that. It sounds like it would make sense to post your details in the help forums, to get input from others.… https://t.co/sURyZAEBkW, John Mueller on Twitter
Did you receive a manual action for linkspam? If so, and if you really don’t know what happened, it’s useful to chat with peers in the help forums to find out more about your site’s specific situation.… https://t.co/gmljwank, John Mueller on Twitter
F.T.C. $12.8 Million Settlement for Fake Reviews by Amazon Seller, WebmasterWorld
I have the Two Click Penalty every month, WebmasterWorld
That’s an unnatural link and would be against our webmaster guidelines, which could negatively affect both sites.…, John Mueller on Twitter
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